Ceremony inclusions

Have a read through the options below and let me know which ones appeal - I encourage you to choose at least one! If none of these float your boat, let’s chat about other ways to jazz up your ceremony.

Witness Raffle.jpg

Witness raffle

Did you know? Your witnesses can be any of your guests, as long as they’re both over the age of 18 and understand English. Why not keep everyone on their toes and draw the names of your witnesses during the ceremony? You can rig it and just give me the names of the people you really want, or you can throw caution to the wind and give me everyone’s names!

first toast

Let’s be honest - it’s hard to know how to honour all of your important guests, and ensure the reception doesn’t drag on with 25 speeches. Why not ask one of your eloquent mates or the brother who didn’t get the MC gig to make the first toast to you, the happy couple, during the ceremony?!

There are a few logistical things to work through with this one - but it’s great fun and means everyone has a drink from the end of the ceremony!




Is one of your guests responsible for setting you up? Or did they just not get the vibe and hung around as an uncomfy third wheel for waaaaay too long?

If one of your guests played a significant role in your story - let’s call them out! This can be in the form of a public pat on the back, or a bit of mild ribbing. Up to you! Let me know who they are and I’ll do the rest.